About Advisor Services

Advisor Services is a collaboration between Capital Directions and some of the leading accounting firms in the Southeast who provide investment advisory services to their clients. Begun in 1999, Advisor Services today includes nearly 20 firms around the South and more than $500 million in managed assets. All participating firms are fee-only, independent Registered Investment Advisors who receive no compensation from any investment product or third-party.

With Advisor Services, the investment advisory subsidiaries of the accounting firms handle all aspects of client interaction and account management, while Capital Directions provides portfolio management, performance reporting, trading and client communications support in a third-party capacity. Through these combined efforts, investors receive the same high quality, prudent investment management Capital Directions provides its direct clients, while enjoying the benefits of working with their trusted accounting firms who have an in-depth knowledge of all their financial considerations.

If you have investable assets of $150,000 or more and would like to learn more about the firms that participate in the Advisor Services program, please contact us for a list of participating firms in your region.

If you are an accounting firm or independent investment advisor who would like to learn more about how Advisor Services can help you dramatically improve your clients’ satisfaction (and, as a result, your profitability), please visit the Interested CPA Firms section of our site.